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How to detect FAKE / real AIR JORDAN / NIKE shoe guide

The easiest way to verify if the shoe (Nike/JOrdan) are NOT a fake is to do research to see if that colorway has been released by the company. 
There are several websites that offer the lineage of Nike/Jordan Brand shoes, revealing all colorways released. is an excellent resource.
 If it has been released your on your way to validation.  If the company HAS not released that colorway it is a fake. 
POS stamp + Player Only Sample    -- B stamp is for blemish.
These are a few pointers, there are MANY more indicators to show if a released colorway is a fake. 
 One obvious is the price, if it is to low, and the seller has MANY, most likely they are fake. 
 If they do not offer sizes outside of 7-13, most likely they are fake.

update: (10/29/06): Fakes are now being produced past size 13.  Size 14 are being produced more and more. I have seen a handfull of size 15 fakes as well.
Bootleggers use the same equipment Nike uses to make shoes, so all sizes could be reproduced. The smaller the size the less material obviously. Nike has shut down
up to 300 Bootleg factories in one month alone. It is a huge problem.  Nike takes it seriously and has stopped several large shipments entering the USA recently.
Since some countries do NOT have stringent copyright laws or enforcement, these factories pop up everywhere and manage to find a market all over the world.
EDUCATE yourself and do not get burned  by these criminals.  Read on and pick up some good info.......

Stay away from wiretransfers as payment and be leary of oversea shippers. Paypal is the safest method of payment.
** As of early 2008, PayPal has extended coverage to PowerSellers in which a PowerSeller can ship to an unconfirmed address.

*** You can always drop me an email with the item# and I can inspect them and also send a pic to NikeTalk and ISS Forum for authentication. But most are obvious.

Most fake sellers on ebaY make the same mistakes, because they are trying to hide the truth of the matter that they are selling illegal fakes.
Here are some red flags:
-stock photos
-small photos
-shoes are priced way below value
-have several pairs of rare shoes and no sizes 15 and over is a dead giveaway
-no ebay ID (tagged) written on a piece of paper next to shoes in photo
-no pictures of soles, no close ups of soles (limited pics or one pic)
-seller has a USA address but drop ships them to you from another country
-seller is from another country
-new to ebay
-claims that shoes are unreleased or has them before release date
-odd colors
-hiding bidders ID
-no pics
-can NOT spell  GUARANTEED !!!

What you should look for:   including (caveats)
-clear large photos with the seller's id written on a piece of paper visiable next to the shoes
-look at what other items the seller is selling, (are the other items real ?  good OR are there obvious fakes elsewhere in the seller's inventory - stay away!!)
-look at how many recent positive sales the seller has, (a stagnant or old  history is not reliable)
-A seller that answers your questions and is willing to communicate and not hide any info
-a seller that has been on ebay for a length of time and has several dozen positive feedbacks. (Be extra careful of sellers with under 50 transactions.)

If someone is trying to get the MOST money for their RARE shoes, one would THINK that the seller would DISPLAY, ILLUSTRATE, PICTURE ALL of the GREAT ASPECTS and DETAILS of the RARE and GREAT shoes, and NOT HIDE anything !!!  Afterall it is just like a resume, only display a 4.0 , nothing less.  One does not show/display their faults, in this case the FAKE seller does not want to picture the faults or tell tale areas of the fake shoes. In the case of a resume one would not display the C or D average on their diploma if such the case. Only  an A or 4.0.  Lets get back to shoes .....
 If they are not laying ALL the cards on the table, or come up with an excuse to see their hand, that usually means they do NOT have good cards (shoes in this case).


Jordan XI's are the MOST ILLEGALLY copied shoes on the market, with as much as 1/3 of all Air Jordan XI's sold on eBay being FAKES, with many coming from China. It is important to note that the fakes of the Air Jordan XI usually have a hard mid-sole (it is supposed to be soft or at least semi-firm), a low or barely visible arch on the mid-foot, and a disfigured checkered pattern on the bottom of the shoe. I have several pictures below of the most obvious XI fakes.
REAL Carbn fiber is stiff and strong, like a stiff strong plank that supports your body weight.
The fake "carbon fiber"  is thin and presses in with minimal pressure. Offers ZERO support for your body.
There are a number of people out there who are looking for good deals on rare and unique shoes...and there are even more people out there that are willing to sell you fake shoes.  These shoes seem to be unique but are really just a cheap knock off that you can buy for less than $20 in certain Asian countries.  Think about it, for instance Jordan XIs, when they were retroed they sold out in minutes.  People were in line for hours, some places days.  You can look on ebay and somehow some sellers have a complete inventory of them in all colors.  FAKE-JUNK.


AUTHENTIC Nike / Jordan shoes come WITH a box, and have matching style / color codes and look and feel real.  Even the FAKE box is a give away, it is usually smaller and made of a thinner cardboard and I have seen some lids folded over and velcroed.

Just because someone has a good eBay rating does not mean they sell real shoes.  There are a number of people that sell fake shoes and have a flock of followers.  Also, there are easy ways to pump up your eBay ID.........

A factory variant shoe is a sly way to say FAKE SHOES.
B grades mean blemished. Factory seconds, these are usually from a Nike Factory Store and are legit.

Fake shoes are not near the quality of what you would expect from NIKE / JORDAN.  They are NOT worth the money and the headaches.  You also run the risk of hurting your feet and lower back due to the poor construction and materials used.

Many FAKE shoes will not come in half sizes.

Also be aware that some sellers will take a picture of a REAL shoe and then send you a FAKE.  Always ask for more pics, and ask for the ID user name to be included in the pictures.

If the price is to good to be true, guess what , it usually is.  Remember these shoes retail for upwards of $170 for foamposites and some Jordans (XXIs).

I have included some pics of fakes, I wish they could be larger but eBay regulates the size.

Check back for updates.

Please email me if you have any info you would like me to add.

Lets put an END to the FAKE SELLERS and FAKE worthless products these sellers try and pawn off for the real deal .

GR- over 7000 pairs
Limited 2500-4500
friends&family/VIP- 24-15
GR- General Release
QS- Quick Strike



  FAKE "carbon fiber" is checkered plastic



   FAKE   colorway never made by Jordan/ Nike

  FAKE  -- COLOR  never produced by Jordan/NIKE

 FAKE   --- COLOR  never produced  by Jordan / NIKE

  Black and Green DUB Zeros ?  These arent on the release list !!  FAKE !!





Air Jordan OG I (1985-1986)
White/Red-Black (KO) $1300+
White/Black-Red $950+
Black/Red-White $900+
White/Red-Black (Prototype) $1500+
Black/Royal Blue 750+
Black/Grey $600+
Grey/Black $650+
White/Natural Grey $550+
White/Blue $500+
White/Black $600+
White/Carolina Blue $800+
White/Metallic Blue $1500+
White/Metallic Green $1500+
White/Metallic Purple $1400+
Air Jordan OG I Low
White/Metallic Blue 1300+
White/Dark Red 1350+
Air Jordan Original Samples
White/Metallic Red $2500+
White/Metallic Black $2000+
White/Purple-Yellow $1500+
Black/Metallic Gold-White $2000+
Black/Metallic Gold-Black Patent-$10,000+
Air Jordan I Retro (1994) 
White/Black/Red $400+
Black/Red $400+
Air Jordan I Retro (2001 USA Ed.) 
Black/Varsity Red $230
Black/Varsity Royal Blue/White $175
White/Metallic Silver/Midnight Navy $175
Neutral Grey/Silver/White $165
Air Jordan I Retro+ (2002) 
White/Metallic Silver (Jumpman on Side) $110
Air Jordan I Retro+ Patent Leather (2003) 
White/Carolina Blue $135
White/Black/Varsity Red $165
Black/Metallic Gold $165
Air Jordan I Nu' Retro 
Black/White/Varsity Red $40
White/Midnight Navy $40
Black/White $40
Air Jordan I Retro+ Low 
White/White/Metallic Silver $110
White/Metallic Silver/Midnight Navy $125
Air Jordan 1.5 
White/Metallic Gold/University Blue $120
Air Jordan OG II (1986-1987) 
White/Red-Grey $1100+
White/Black-Red $900+
Air Jordan OG II Low 
White/Black-Red $850+
White/Red-Grey $1200+
Air Jordan II Retro (1994) 
White/Red/Black $350+
Air Jordan II Retro Low (1994) 
White/Red/Black $385+
Air Jordan II Retro 
White/Red/Black $150
Black/Chrome $145
White/Columbia Blue/Varsity Maize (Melo) $230
Air Jordan II Nu' Retro 
White/Varsity Red $50
Black/Metallic Silver $50
White/Midnight Navy/University Blue $50
Air Jordan II Retro Low (2004) 
White/Red $75
White/University Blue/Black $65
Air Jordan II Retro Low (2005) 
White/White-Varsity/Maize $75
White/Pink $75
Air Jordan OG III (1988) 
White/Cement Grey $750+
Black/Cement Grey $1100+
White/Fire Red $1250+
White/Cement Grey-True Blue $1200+
Air Jordan III Retro (1994) 
White/Cement Grey $500+
Black/Cement Grey $500+
Air Jordan III Retro (2001) 
Black/Cement Grey $400
White/True Blue $375+
White/Dark Mocha $285+
Air Jordan III Retro (2003) 
White/Cement Grey $300
Air Jordan OG IV (1989) 
White/Black-Cement Grey $650+
Black/Cement Grey $675+
White-Military Blue $1000+
White/Red-Black (Fire Red) $900+
Air Jordan IV Retro 
Black/Red/Cement Grey $450-500
White/Black $450-500
White/Columbia Blue/Midnight Navy $295
Black/Black/Cool Grey $300
White/White/Chrome $275
White/Chrome/Classic Green $140
Cool Grey/Chrome/Dark Charcoal/Varsity Maize $165
Air Jordan IV Retro Limited
White/Fire-Red/Black $325-(Laser Package $385)
Black Varsity Red/Medium Grey-$400 (Rare Air Laser)
Olive-Oiled Suede-Flight Satin (Undefeated) $2500+
Blue/Black Lt Grey (Eminem) $3500+
Black/Tour Yellow (Thunder Package) $450+
Tour Yellow/Dark Blue-Grey-White (Lightning Package) $300
Jordan IV Retro (2006) 
Black/Black/Light Graphite (Black Cat) $155
White/Metallic Silver (Pure) $135
White/Tour Yellow-Dark Blue Grey-Black $165
Mist Blue/University Blue-Gold Leaf-White $145
White/Varsity Red-Black (Mars) $160
White/Military Blue-Neutral Grey (Military) $145
White/Boarder Blue-Light Sand $120
Air Jordan V OG (1990) 
White/Black-Fire Red $600+
Black/Black-Metallic Silver $650+
White/Grape Ice-New Emerald $750+
White/Red-Black #23 $750+
Air Jordan V Retro
White/Black/Fire Red $350
Black/Black/Metallic Silver $375+
White/Varsity Royal/Varsity Maize (Laney) $325
White/Metallic Silver/Black $265
Air Jordan V Retro (2006) 
Blk/University Blue-White $215
White/Grape Ice-New Emerald (Grapes) $235
White/Sport Royal/Stealth $150
Olive/Oiled Suede-Flight Satin $175
Silver-Green Bean-Flint Grey $150
Deep Burgundy/Flint Grey-White $170
White/Fire Red-Black $165
White/Fire Red-Sunset-Dark Cinder $130
Silver/Shy Pink-Stealth $125
Air Jordan V Retro (2007)
White/Army Olive-Solar Orange-Bison RA $265
Black/Metallic Silver-Fire Red $165
Air Jordan V Retro Low
White/University Blue-Team Red $125
White/Black-Metallic Silver $120
Air Jordan VI OG (1990-1991) 
Black/Deep Infra Red $850+
White/Deep Infra Red $1000+
White/ Maroon 850+
White/September-Blue $900+
Air Jordan VI Retro 
Black/Deep Infra Red $465+
White/Midnight Navy $300+
Midnight Navy/Varsity Red/White (Olympic) $525+
Jordan LE (Defining Moments Pack) Jordan VI $250 (Pack $565+)
Air Jordan VI Retro Low
Black/Metallic Silver $185
White/University Blue $155
White/Coral Rose $145
OG Air Jordan VII (1991-1992) 
Wht/Blk Cardinal-Red/Bronze (Cardinals) $350+
Wht/Lt-Sil True Red (Hare) $700+
Black/Dark Charcoal/True Red $350+
White/Metallic Gold/Midnight Navy/True Red (Olympic) $450+
Black/Light Graphite-Bordeaux $700+
Air Jordan VII Retro 
Black/Dark Charcoal/True Red $185
White/French Blue/Flint Grey $185
White/Metallic Gold/Midnight Navy/True Red (Olympic) $175
Air Jordan VII (2006) Retro
Pearl White/Bright Ceramic/Pacific Blue $145
White/Black/Cardinal red/bronze $135
White/Varsity purple/ flint grey $135
Black/Chambray/Light Graphite $185
White/Varsity Maize-Black $145
OG Air Jordan VIII (1993) 
Black/Concord/Aqua Tone $600+
White/Black/True Red $285+
Black/True-Red $365+
Air Jordan VIII Retro 
White/Black/True Red $185
Black/Chrome $180
Air Jordan VIII Retro Low
White/Chrome $125
Black/True Red/Del Sol $120
OG Air Jordan IX (1993-1994) 
White/North Carolina Blue $400+
White/Black/True Red $350+
Black/Light Olive/True Red $250+
Black/Charcoal-True Red 365+
Air Jordan IX Retro
White/Black/True Red $200
Black/Light Olive/True Red $160
White/French Blue/Flint Grey $155
Medium Grey/White/Cool Grey $185
Air Jordan IX Retro Low
White/White $120
White/Midnight Navy $115
OG Air Jordan X (1994-1995) 
White/Black/Light Steel Grey $300
White/Black/Dark Powder Blue $350
Black/Dark Shadow/True Red $275
White/Black/True Red (Chicago) $1300+
White/Black/Kelly Green/Yellow Gold (Seattle) $425+
White/Black/Royal Blue/Metallic Silver (Orlando) $400+
White/Black/Royal Blue/Orange Flame (New York) $450+
Black/Dark Concord/Metallic Silver (Sacramento) $425+
Air Jordan Retro X (2005) 
White/Medium Violet-Light Graphite $115
White/Varsity Red/Light Steel Grey $150
White/Linen $130
White/Black Steel Grey $140
White/ Ice Blue $155
Blk/Blk $135
OG Air Jordan XI (1995-1996) 
Black/Varsity Red/White $370
White/Black/Dark Concord $500+
White/Columbia Blue/Black $425
Jordan OG XI Low 
Black/Dark Grey/True Red $165
White/Light Grey/Cobalt $160
Air Jordan XI Retro 
White/Black/Dark Concord $385+
White/Columbia Blue/Black $300
Black/Varsity Red/White $335
Black/Varsity Royal/White (Space Jams) $375
Medium Grey/White/Cool Grey $310+
Jordan LE (Defining Moments Pack) Jordan XI $275 (Pack $550+)
Air Jordan XI Retro Low
Black/Dark Grey/True Red $155
White/Light Grey/Cobalt $150
Air Jordan XI Retro Low (Patent Leather) 
White/Varsity Red $215
White/Columbia Blue $185
White/Light Zen Grey $180
White/Black/Navy (Snake) $185
White/Citrus $190
White/Metallic Silver $150
White/Black/Pink (Snake) $175
White/Hot Pink $160
OG Air Jordan XII (1996-1997) 
White/Black/Taxi $220
White/Varsity Red/Black $265
Obsidian/White/French Blue $200
Black/Varsity Red $200
Black/White/Varsity Red/Metallic Silver $235
Air Jordan XII Retro 
Black/Varsity Red $160
Black/White/University Blue (Nubuck) $210 (Complete Set $300)
White/Flint Grey/Silver $155
White/French Blue/Metallic Silver/Varsity Red $145
Black/White/Varsity Red $170
White/University Blue/Metallic Silver (Melo) $165
Air Jordan XII Retro Low 
Obsidian/University Blue/White $115
White/Black/Taxi $125
White/Pink $110
OG Air Jordan XIII (1997-1998) 
White/Black/True Red $275
Black/True Red/White $300
French Blue-University Blue-Flint Grey $265
White/True Red/Black/Pearl Grey $245
Black/Varsity Red $230
Air Jordan XIII Low 
Navy/Metallic Silver/Black/Carolina Blue $250
Black/Chutney $220
Air Jordan XIII Retro 
Black/Varsity Red $170
White/Wheat $150
White/Maroon/Grey (Grey Toe) $155
French Blue-University Blue-Flint Grey $185
Black/Altitude Green $225
White/Neutral Grey-University Blue $155
Air Jordan XIII Retro Low (2005) 
White/Metallic Silver-Obsidian-Orange Flash (L-Style Series) $135
White/Black Varsity Maize $125
Black/White Varsity Maize $125
White/Metallic Silver-Midnight Navy-Ice Blue $115
White/Red $125
White/White $110
White/Carolina Blue/Pink $100
OG Air Jordan XIV (1998-1999) 
White/Black/Varsity Red $220
White/Varsity Red/Black $220
White/Black/Oxidized Green $180
Black/Black/Varsity Red $225
Black/Black/White/Indiglo $285
White/Obsidian/Columbia Blue $240
Air Jordan XIV Low 
White/Columbia Blue/Obsidian $150
Varsity Royal/Black/White $130
Light Ginger/Black/White $120
Air Jordan XIV Retro (2005) 
Black/Light Graphite/Metallic Silver/Redwood $145
Black/Black/Varsity Red $135
Wht/Linen/Varsity Red $115
White/Forest Green/ Light Graphite $120
Black/Real Pink/Metallic Silver $130
White/Dark Cinder/Chutney $115
White/Chartreuse/Black $135
Light Graphite/Chartreuse/Black $135
Air Jordan XIV Retro (2006) 
Wht/Black/Varsity red/Metallic Silver $130
White/Varsity Red/Black $135
Black/University Blue/Metallic Silver $155
Air Jordan XV (1999-2000) 
Black/Varsity Red $210
White/Columbia Blue/Black $175
Flint Grey/White $170
Obsidian/White/Metallic Silver $165
White/Black $170
White/Varsity Red $185
White/Pine Green $165
White/Midnight Navy $170
White/Purple $175
Air Jordan XV Low 
White/Deep Red $155
White/Midnight Navy $165
Black/White/Metallic Silver $110
Air Jordan XVI (2001) 
Black/Varsity Red $300
White/Midnight Navy $225
Whisper/Cherrywood/Light Graphite $160
Light Ginger/Dark Charcoal/White $135+
Air Jordan XVI Low
Black/Black/Metallic Silver $125
White/Varsity Red/Black $135
Air Jordan XVII (2002) 
White/College Blue/Black $235
Black/Metallic Silver $200
White/Varsity Red/Charcoal $215
White/Black/Metallic Copper/Sport Royal $180
Air Jordan XVII Low 
White/University Blue/Black/Chrome $130
White/Black/Yellow (Lightning) $185
Black/Chrome $115
Air Jordan XVIII (2003) 
Black/Sport Royal $165
White/Sport Royal/Black $150
White/Varsity Red $145
Air Jordan XVIII Low 
Black/Metallic Silver/Chrome $75
White/Chrome/University Blue/Metallic Silver $70
Air Jordan 18.5 
White/Black/Chrome $100
Black/Chrome/University Blue $100
Air Jordan XIX (2004) 
White/Chrome/Flint Grey/Black $150
Black/Varsity Red $165
Black/White/Metallic Silver (West) $135
White/Varsity Red/Metallic Silver (Midwest) $135
White/Midnight Navy/Varsity Red (East) $150
Air Jordan XIX Low
White/Cement Grey/Black $110
Black/Metallic Silver/Varsity Red $110
Neutral Grey/Black/Light Graphite $110
Obsidian/Vapor $110
Cinder/British Khaki $110
Air Jordan XIX SE 
White/Metallic Gold/Midnight Navy (Olympic) $135
Black/Metallic Gold $135
Air Jordan XX (2005) 
Chutney/White/Black (East) $125
Varsity Red/White/Black (MID West) $135
University Blue/White/Black (West) $125
White/Varsity Red-Black $160
Black/Stealth-Varsity Red $220
White/Black-Varsity Red (Quickstrike) $170
Air Jordan XX ¾ 
White/Metallic Silver/Deep Garnet $110
Air Jordan XX Low 
Black Chartreuse/Light Graphite $80
White/Midnight Navy/Neutral Grey $80
Air Jordan XXI (2006) 
Black/Metallic Silver $165
Wht/Varsity red/black/metallic Silver $165
Red/Black/White/Metallic Silver (Italian Suede) $210
Light Graphite/Metallic Silver-White-University Blue: $155
White/Metallic Silver-Black $165
Air Jordan XXI Low
White/University Blue-Metallic Silver $130
Black/Varsity Red $135


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Fake Jordan's

  • 1 Check online for another pair of the Air Jordan shoes in the same color scheme. Some bootleggers will use new combination of colors and bill them as "unique" or "limited edition" to sell an inferior product. Avoid purchasing Jordan XI sneakers if you cannot find another pair in the same colorway online.
  • 2
    Inspect the shoes for synthetic materials such as fake leather and low-grade rubber (often used in the soles). Test the sole for its ability to grip the floor. Fake Air Jordan XI shoes will slide on the floor, providing very little traction. Look for poor or uneven stitching, and inconsistencies between the two shoes including placement and shape of the "Jumpman" logo. Real Jordan XI shoes will be a mirror image of one another, while fake pairs tend to have small but noticeable differences between the left and right shoe.
  • 3
    Try the shoes on and make sure they fit true to the size indicated on the label. Fake Jordan XI sneakers generally run one-half to a whole size smaller than indicated on the label, while the real version will fit true-to-size.
  • 4
    Check the country of origin and production date on the tag. Avoid any Air Jordan shoes that have been manufactured in Korea. Look for production dates of 000608, 000709, 000810. Also look for shoes manufactured with the factory codes LN3 (China) and FT1 (Taiwan) stamped on the tag, as these are the factories Nike used most often to produce the Jordan XI sneakers.

  • Jordan 11 Concords fake's

    Whats good people. Here is a small guide of sorts to help you spot fake Air Jordan 11s. I will show you some evident pics and give you info on websites. Ok. Let’s Begin!!!
    We will be using the 2009 Space Jam(fake) and the 2011 Concord(real)
    This first picture shows an obvious indication of the fake on the right. The “Jumpman Jordan” tongue tab is out of position. The real 11s tab is ALWAYS in the 3rd lace gap counting up from the toe. There is NO EXCEPTION to this. If the tab is in the 4th space, it is FAKE!!!!!
    Here is the second pic, the bottom of the shoe. The Space Jam(fake) at the top and the Concord(real) at the bottom. First, notice the 3 circular foot pods. Now notice where the Jumpman logo is placed. Look how far away the top logo is from the bottom. Second, look at the carbon fiber plate underneath the Jumpman logo. They should be the same color. The Space Jam and Concords are supposed to have the black carbon fiber shank plate. The one on top is also plastic and notice the lack of a curved shape. Carbon fiber stretches but immediately returns to its natural position.
    Our 3rd piece of evidence is the back of the shoe. First, notice the”23″ on the heel tab. On the Space Jam(fake), notice how it is stretched out and seems to be peeling. On the Concord(real), notice the “23″ is more legible and centered with perfect alignment. Another thing to notice is the outsole at the bottom of the shoe. The Concord’s outsole comes to a point in the middle of the shoe and the Space Jam does not. Also, notice how the Space Jam is slightly shorter at the top of the shoe. FAKE!!! Lastly, look at the stitching job on the patent leather. Different sizes and bad stitching.
    For our final piece of visual evidence, we take a look at the Jumpman logos on the rear side of the shoe. Notice the improper alignment and size of the logo on the Space Jam(fake). Now notice the logo on the Concord(real). This is how it is supposed to be. Stitching that is not choppy and proper alignment. IMPORTANT: The ball at the top of the Jumpman logo should ALWAYS line up between the bottom of the 2 and the top of the 3 in the back of the shoe. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!
    Now on to these websites. If the name sounds too generic:,,, etc., FAKE!!!!!!
    1)  If the prices are way under retail and they say sale, FAKE!!!! Beware of this and dont let the prices fool you. Most Nikes and Jordans that are hard to find will run you at least $250 and up.
    2)  Colorways that you have never seen before, FAKE!!!!! There are no dark green and black Zoom Rookies and all those Louis Vuitton and Spongebob Jordans….no good
    3) Read the website’s “About Us” page. If they dont guarantee 100% authenticity, BEWARE!!!! Even the sites that do say 100% Authentic, still be careful. IMPORTANT: Factory Variants, Customs, and Replicas = FAKES!!!!!!!!
    There are other things to look out for but the most important thing is DONT BE NAIVE, DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!! If you’re still not sure, ask me. Post your questions in the comments section, Facebook, or Twitter. I hope this helps you to be better sneaker shoppers.

    Jordan 1,2,3,4,5 Fake guide

    Friday, May 25, 2012

    Jordan XI bred's authentic

    A lot of sneaker-heads and shoe fanatics knows how to spot a fake AJ/Nike-Dunks and SB's, but for some "newbie-shoe-addict", this kind of expertise is hard to acquire. As we all know, "fake-dealers" are getting very good at copying these factory brand shoes, especially our favorites (AJ's and SB's) - how to spot them? Here's one way:

    On Jordans - eg: the famous XI's Breds:


    1. The box - the product and color code (usually these codes needs to match the tag inside the shoes); the font used in sizing (especially on the number 9 - it shouldn't have a long curve at the end, that looks more like a small letter G)
     2. The shoes - AJ XI's especially the back/heel part is firm which you cannot easily squeeze. The carbon fiber plate at the bottom: the OG's have a distinct white and black plate which when you ran your finger tips on top, you can feel the bumps of each boxes of black and white; the retro's have a grayish and black color and doesn't look so plastic. the patent leather: the OG's if you take a look on the part where the leather was cut, it should have a white-like material showing at the edge; the retro's doesn't have these. the tag inside the shoes: the tag inside should match the tag on the box, especially the color code. If the style and color code on the box says, 130245-062; the tag inside right above the bar codes should say the same thing. And of course if you're bidding on an OG Bred's, you should know the year when these shoes were developed - 1995-1996.
    The 2nd Favorite (for me!) III's:
    1. The shoes - The most common feature for most of fake III's are the elephant prints (actually they're not prints, they're etched on the leather itself). Fakes have their E-prints "PRINTED" or "PAINTED". The air bubbles/packets usually doesn't match whatever the colorway is of the original ones. Always check legit websites for info about retro and OG JB's.
    2. The box - should also contain the correct color code, repro date, and product code if compared to the tag inside the shoes. The boxes on these fakes are thin and flimsy AND IT DOESN'T HAVE ANY EXTRA LAYER ON THE SIDES WHERE THE SHOE LAYS.

    Spotting fake Jordan's on ebay

    This is a user-friendly guide intended to inform the serious Air Jordan shoe collector of the various signs of FAKE Air Jordan shoes.
    Well, I have been collecting Air Jordans for nearly 7 years now.  In this timespan, I have come across quite a few suspicious / fake pairs of Air Jordans.  Fortunately though, through pure vigilant observations, I have developed a general understanding regarding the identification of officially released AUTHENTIC Air Jordan shoes.
    Michael Jordan is, arguably, the best basketball player of all time.  His enthralling presence and overwhelming superstardom allowed him to begin releasing Air Jordans in the mid-1980s (1985 -- Air Jordan I).  Sadly, since their original release date, Air Jordans have been plagued by bootlegs.  This plague has become so severe that today the average collector MUST be fastidious in his/her observations regarding a pair of Air Jordans PRIOR to purchasing them electronically or he/she will run the risk of receiving a fake pair of shoes.
    Below, I have identified 10 easy ways to spot a fake pair of Air Jordan shoes.  If you can follow all 10 steps, I am confident you will have found a REAL AUTHENTIC pair of Air Jordans. 
    10 EASY Steps to Identifying an Authentic or FAKE Pair of Air Jordan Shoes:
    1. Does the "style-number" which appears on the INSIDE TAG of the shoe correspond with the "style-number" from a reputable site that sells Jordans?  If not, the shoes are most likely FAKES.  eBay would NOT allow me to post any sites for references so if you have any questions, just email me.  I tried really hard to make this guide as thorough as possible.
      • Do NOT fall for the "too good to be true" Jordan auction.  Let's just be honest -- ALL Air Jordans are in HIGH DEMAND.  Sellers know this and are not going to settle for a cheap price.  If you spot a pair of Jordans for a STEAL PRICE, the chances are that the shoes are probably an attempt to STEAL your money (i.e. they are probably fakes)!  NEW Real Jordans generally sell for $150+.   
    Below I have displayed a picture of what an official RETRO Air Jordan IV tag looks like.  As you can see, the "style-number" is listed on the tag.  Some of the OG Jordans came with a stitched tag; however, on the newer retros, the tag is usually glued into the shoe.  Use this knowledge to your advantage and ask for photos of the tag to see if you can detect any clues of a possible fake.

    1. Does the auction DESCRIPTION (not title) state "100% Authentic"?  If not, the shoes are most likely fakes.  If the auction only states "AUTHENTIC" in the title of the auction, BE SUSPICIOUS!  The text must be stated in the description to warrant an eBay claim.
    2. Do the shoes come with the CORRECT box? If not, the shoes are most likely fakes.  You can spot a REAL box by seeing if the colorway description matches that of the shoe your buying AND if the numbers match the numbers of a REAL box.  If NO BOX is included, I would NOT recommend purchasing the shoes (under any circumstances).
      • You can google which box is the correct box OR you can just browse other sellers auctions (sellers who are charging high prices for the same shoes) and compare to see which box is most common in the Jordan marketplace.
    Below is a picture of an AUTHENTIC Jordan XI Columbia Blue Edition from my private collection

    1. Do the shoes come with the CORRECT Retro Card?  If not, this is something to be suspect of.  It doesn't necessarily mean they are fake, but is suspicious.  PLEASE NOTE -- OG (original releases) were NEVER produced with "retro cards".  ONLY RETROED SHOES come with "retro cards".  Sadly, some "retro cards" are FAKES, too.  By comparing to other sellers auctions (sellers who are charging high prices for the same shoes), you can make a responsible decision. 
    In the picture below, you can see a REAL AUTHENTIC Retro Card AND the REAL BOX from the Jordan IV Mars Edition Shoes from my private collection

    1. Is the COLORWAY of the shoe a suspicious colorway?  If so, they most likely are fakes.  There were a few odd colorways produced such as the Ray Allen XIIs and the Eminem IVs; however, you can never be too careful.  Make sure the colorway is an official colorway.
    2. Does the seller provide a PANOPLY of pictures OR just a few VAGUE pictures?  If the seller provides multiple pictures (including pictures of the "style-number" -- CRUCIAL), the chances are that the shoes are REAL.  However, if a STOCK PHOTO is used or the seller only provides a few VAGUE SMALL pictures -- DO NOT BUY!  It is not worth the hassle, trust me.
    3. Is the auction description DESCRIPTIVE or VAGUE?  Is the price TOO ATTRACTIVE?  If the seller fails to mention important details about the history of the shoe (where he got them, etc.), you should be suspicious.  A general rule of thumb is, look for phrases like "100000% authentic" or "guaranteed authentic or your money back".  These statements will protect you from scams.  ALSO -- if the price of the auction is too attractive, I wouldn't rush into purchasing the shoes without contacting the seller to find out why the price is the way it is!  Generally, if the price is cheap and the auction description uses very few words to describe the product, I would NOT recommend buying from this seller.
    4. Where are the shoes shipping from?  If the shoes are coming from overseas, BE SUSPICIOUS!  The majority of Air Jordan fakes are produced in Asia, especially in China.  Even if they look exactly right, be suspicous.  If you can avoid purchasing a pair from Asia, you will greatly reduce the likelihood of receiving a fake pair of Jordans.
    5. Do the Jordans come with a receipt of purchase?  If not, ask the seller about some background info. about the shoe (where he bought them, etc.).  If he does not reply, I would NOT recommend purchasing the shoes (unless your certain they are real and the sellers feedback is 100%).
    6. Does the seller have any feedback "AS A SELLER"?  Is his feedback rating GREATER than 10 ( x > 10) ?  If not, I would stay away from this sellers auctions.  While it is possible his merchandise is authentic, I have had too many sellers with low feedback or NO feedback sell me crap merchandise.
    I will end with this statement: ALWAYS BE SUSPICIOUS when purchasing ANYTHING, especially Air Jordans.  Do not place a bid unless you are absolutely certain the shoes are what they appear to be.  If there was nothing to be bought, nobody would be corrupt.  Unfortunately, this is impossible and people are going to be dishonest.  So, combat the dishonesty with knowledge and vigilance -- do your homework as grueling as it is and you'll surely be satisfied in the end.

    Fake Nike guide

    This guide I'm going to show you a guide to be aware of Nike's . Yes, people can fake other shoes besides Jordan's but they don't do that much. I hope this help's you, picking the right pair of any Nike's on Ebay.

    #1 Ask any questions before bidding on the item.( Is the shoe new:deadstock/ds,new in box/nib? where was the shoe purchased? )
    #2 Usually if the seller has a lot of that RARE shoe(20 of the same shoe), it's probably fake. ( If seller has multiple listings using the same pic for all auctions,a ' too good to be true price".)
    #3 Check the feedback rating of the seller, other buyer's can warn you of fakes.( Under 50 feedbacks, lots of negative and neutral feedback. Majority of buying feedback vs. selling feedback. Under 90% positive feedback.)
     #4 If the seller is oversea's take a little more caution than usual.( although there are trusted oversea sellers, the majority of fakes come from outside the USA. Also sellers really cant be tracked down outside of the USA.)
    #5 If it is an original, the seller should have the correct style number,correct color scheme, and all information on the shoe.( All shoes have style numbers even fakes, take all the info from listing and check on the web. style numbers should match with color scheme. Also if you come across some clear rainbow retro 11"s, they are fake! Nike releases special color schemes, but they usually stay to basic colors. Spongebob,Power ranger painted Nikes,fakes!)
    Fakes are getting really hard to spot, due to the changes always being made with these shoes. Always trying to improve there garbage. Ive seen seasoned collectors get fooled, they are hard to spot. These shoes have become a billion dollar business, so beware. Also fakes are usually sized wrong,example: you buy a 12,box and shoe read 12, but when tried on shoe is a 10 1/2 or 11.Often copied shoes include high volume sellers such as: Air Force 1, Air Jordans. Very rare fakes include Air max's and Dunks.Beware of auctions that read: variants, custom,samples,or replicas, just means fakes! Shoes that come in tissue paper or clear bags, fakes! Nikes come wrapped in paper in the box.
    If you need help with trying to spot a fake I will do my best to help you. Nike does have a contact form on their website to help with fakes, and other sites such as pickyourshoes,and nicekicks can also help.

    Fake Jordan 11 spotting guide

    Hi I'[m here again to make another guide about the Jordan 11's. I'm making another one because,since it's such a popular shoe, many unauthorized shoes sweatshops make fake's. So this guide will help you spot fake Jordan 11's

    The Jordan XI (or Retro 11) is one of the most sought after shoes in the Air Jordan line.  It is also one of the most counterfeited sneakers.  Here are a few helpful hints and quick tips to avoid bogus sellers online:
    1. The carbon fiber on the sole.  The best way to describe the pattern of the c.f. is that each is squarish with slightly rounder corners that just very slightly touche the other squares.  Avoid a pair that are round or oblong shaped and do not touch the others.
    2. The 2 and 3 at the back of the shoe shoudl have a space or gap between them.  Most fakes do not have this gap. 
    3. The Jumpman logo on the lateral side of the shoe.  On 1995-96 originals, the fingers are indistinguishable from the hand.  On 2000-01 retros, there are four fingers that look like a "webbed" hand.  On fakes, the are fingers are too long.
    4. The tag on the tongue says JUMPMAN JORDAN.  The exception is for the Black/Royal colorway, otherwise known as the Spacejam XI released in 2000.  On this model the word JAM is used in place of JORDAN.  Also, on the tag of the White/Black/Concord colorway the Jumpman on the tongue is concord (purple).  On most fakes, the Jumpman is either red or blue.
    5. The box tag and production label are also useful aids in spotting fakes.  An authentic dealer will not hide either of these labels and will readily provide you with them.  The production date located below the bar code touches the bar code.  On fake labels, this is not the case.  Since retro 11's are more likely to be fake, here are some authentic production dates and factories:  000608, 000709, 000810.  Those made in China are LN3.  The ones made in Taiwan are FT1.
    6. The insole of all Jordan XI's made in 1995-96 say Nike Air.  On 2000-01 retros, this is true only for the white/black/concord and the white/columbia blue colorways.  The black/red, Spacejam, and cool grey/medium grey/white colorway all have the Jumpman.
    I hope this guide helps you in your purchase of Jordan XI's.  As a longtime shoe collector, I do not support the proliferation of fake products on Ebay.  The best weapon is to educate ourselves.  This is a quick guide.  There are a few visual guides by doing a little search and research on other sites which should help you avoid making a purchase you may regret. 

    Here are some website that sell authentic Jordan 11's

    Thursday, May 24, 2012

    Jordan 4 fake's or not

    This blog I'm going to do a little different. It's going to be more like a guide then a "How-to"

    This guide is meant to break down the differences between a fake and a real pair of Jordan IV's. Because they are such a popular model, fakes are being made constantly. After you read this guide you will be an expert on how to detect fake IV's.

    #1 The Box is a lot smaller than the authentic one.
    #2 The Jumpman on the top of the box is off centered as well as it’s not as bright of a red, like it’s been copied. (Same goes for the label on the side.)
    #3. The cement grey is a lot darker than the authentic pair (There are also less black speckles)
    #4 The Jumpman logo/Flight on the tongue there is a noticeable difference mainly the red/black pattern that is seen behind the logo.
    #5 The Air Jordan wording on the inside of the tongue had a slightly reddish color to it as well. (Pretty close though.....)
    #6 This is a dead give away....Ebay sellers never show the inside sole of the shoes...which I found interesting..the authentic pair is "Black" and the fake pair has a "Red" insole.
    #7 Side by side comparisons of the that the fake pair is a little wider...but not noticeably much.
    #8 Like previously stated...the mesh on the side be more "straight up and down more that slanted" with the authentic pair which is not as noticeable as how "thick" the fake mesh is. The fake mesh is almost 1/8 of an inch vs the authentic pair is 1/16 or double the thickness.
    #9 Also previously stated by other collectors is that the stitching behind the triangle has more of a "rounded" appearance vs the fake pair that comes to more of an angle.
    #10 The bottom of the shoes are pretty much dead on except the fact that on close examination, the "Stars" are very different.
    #11 The Nike tag is not as red as the authentic one and it’s much more transparent.
    #12 There is spacing between the white pods within the air pockets on the fakes

    Once again, this is out to people who our looking for authentic Jordan retro 4. Thank you.

    For any Jordan shoe

    On this blog I'm going to be talking about any Jordan shoe that can be faked.

    In my opinion I think the site Ebay sells the most fakest shoes EVER. Here are some way's to detect fakes on ebay. 

    -stock photos
    -small photos
    -shoes are priced way below value
    -have several pairs of rare shoes and no sizes 15 and over is a dead giveaway
    -no ebay ID (tagged) written on a piece of paper next to shoes in photo
    -no pictures of soles, no close ups of soles (limited pics or one pic)
    -seller has a USA address but drop ships them to you from another country
    -seller is from another country
    -new to ebay
    -claims that shoes are unreleased or has them before release date
    -odd colors
    -hiding bidders ID
    -no pics
    -can NOT spell

    But then again there are some good quality Jordan's on ebay. Here are somethings that you SHOULD be looking for.

    -clear large photos with the seller's id written on a piece of paper visiable next to the shoes
    -look at what other items the seller is selling, (are the other items real ?  good OR are there obvious fakes elsewhere in the seller's inventory - stay away!!)
    -look at how many recent positive sales the seller has, (a stagnant or old  history is not reliable)
    -A seller that answers your questions and is willing to communicate and not hide any info
    -a seller that has been on ebay for a length of time and has several dozen positive feedbacks. (Be extra careful of sellers with under 50 transactions.)

    Thank you for reading. Once again this is toward to people looking for authentic Jordan's. Good luck !

    Also, if the Jordan pair is like 20 $ then you know that they are fake

    Jordan 5 fake or not

    Hey guys, I'm here today today to talk about the Jordan 5 & how you determine if there fake or not.

    First off , if you have a pair of Jordan 5 you can notice the "23" on the side. There will always have 2 colors on it. The first color is the primary one, and that color is what the whole"23" is made of, Then there is a shadow on the "23" & if that doesn't have that dark shadow around the "23" there fake. That's the easiest way to tell.

    Like I always say, you HAVE to know your color way. I mean if you go some were public & you see a guy wearing some purple & yellow ones. It's only common sense to notice that there FAKE.

    If you look at the back of the shoe there can be many fakes. There is a "Jump Man" on the bottom and sometimes I go on Ebay and see some, and the "Jump Man" is FAT. It doesn't even look like Michael Jordan, it looks more like Charles Barkley.

    Thank you for reading this. I hope this will help you in future by choosing some nice quality Jordan 5.

    Jordan 11 fakes

    Do you have a pair of Jordan 11 ? Well I don't, but trust me I've seen some very bad replica's. And there are a few way's to be certain.

    One way too know if it's fake is by the box, if you buy them online & you get them and the box is BEAT up, there probably from an unauthorized Jordan warehouse.

    Also, you got to know your colorways, so if your walking on the street & you see somebody wearing some purple and green 11, guess what, there fake. You got to know your colorways & bee clear to know that Jordan never made that color.

    If you take a look at the rear of the Jordan 11 you can see a "23" & it's vertical, but if you see up close, there is a space between the "2" and the "3" & if there connected, there fake.

    The stitching is important. If they have weird zig-zags and different threads, there fake.

    Well I hope that my "tips" can help you verify the authentic Jordan 11, make the the right choice & by choosing the authentic pair.